To be able to trade you need a securities account or a custody account at a bank or a stock broker. The trading is made through the channels that the bank or stock brokes offers, for example visit your bank office, through your internet bank or a phone call with a broker. Information about order and closure regarding the stocks at Spotlight is spread through newspapers, SVT text-tv, on web sites, through banks and brokers, and through third party vendors like Cision, SIX, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Millistream Market Data.

The information is also available at Market Overview.

Trading at Spotlight Stock Market is done through our trading members as listed below. Trading can be done through other banks in which trade through our trading members, please contact your bank to see if there are able to trade Spotlight shares.

Spotlight's list of members

  Trade in SEK  Trade in DKK
ABC ABG Sundal Collier AB X X
AIV Aktieinvest FK AB X  
AVA Avanza Bank AB X X
CAR/CAD Carnegie Investment Bank AB X X
DDB* Danske Bank A/S X X
EPB Erik Penser Bank AB X X
LFB Länsförsäkringar Bank AB X  
MGF Mangold Fondkommission AB X  
MSN Morgan Stanley Europe SE X  
NDS/NRD Nordea Bank Abp (publ) X X
NON Nordnet Bank AB X X
PAS Pareto Securities AS X  
SFK** Sedermera Fondkommission* X X
SBN SkandiaBanken AB X  
ENS Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB X X
SIF Strukturinvest Fondkommission (FK) AB X  
SHB Svenska Handelsbanken AB X X
SWB Swedbank AB X X

*For trading in Danish shares at Danske Bank in Denmark you will need to search for the share through its ISIN code. This is a set up done by Danske Bank.
**Sedermera Fondkommission is part of, and is a secondary name of, ATS Finans AB, which also operates Spotlight. Subsequently, no other information about the companies on Spotlight is obtained from other participants. ATS Finans AB has also taken measures to prevent any negative impact on the conflict of interests that may arise from Sedermera acting on Spotlight.