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The vision with Spotlight Next is to create a place for companies that are aiming to take the next step within their growth journey. Spotlight Next is a place where companies follow higher demands with hopes on essentially attracting another investor base. It will also be a spot where companies will get more exposure in relations to visibility and trading.

Companies on SpotlightNext

Companies that have been approved from the start and live up to the requirements set by the segment are Angler Gaming, Infracom Group, EQL Pharma, IDL Biotech, Eurocon Consulting, Synthetic MR and Plejd Solutions.

Companies can apply to be listed directy on the segment, but companies already listed on Spotlight can also choose to join SpotlightNext. 
The companies shall meet Spotlights listing demands but also;

  • reporting according to IFRS - (half year report as an example) or a description of when the company is planning to implement IFRS within a 2 year period).
  • complaint with the Swedish corporate governance code (or inform which parts of the code that the company follows).
  • Free Float of at least 25%
  • Market Cap of at least 150 MSEK

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