Midsummer Eve, June 21, the Swedish trading is closed. Trading in Denmark and Norway is open.

Zoomability develops, produces, and resells electric vehicles. The products are mainly intended for use by people who suffer from disabilities and diseases where limited mobility occurs in everyday life. Customers are found among private individuals around the European market, where the company conducts sales through various partners. The head office is located in Stockholm.

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  • Pehr-Johan Fager

Chairperson of the Board

  • Karl Axel Sundkvist


  • Markus Hartwig
  • Niclas Granér
  • Pehr-Johan Fager
  • Periasamy Mathialagan


Largest Owners

Name Capital % Votes % Date
Unidaco LTD 38,11 38,11 2024-06-02
Ted Tigerschiöld 15,87 15,87 2024-03-26
Actice Nordic AB 12,85 12,85 2024-06-02
Avanza Pension 3,31 3,31 2024-03-26
Arebe Group AB 1,98 1,98 2024-03-26
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring 1,89 1,89 2024-03-26
Pehr-Johan Fager 1,76 1,76 2024-03-26
Jörgen Elmér Karlsson 1,55 1,55 2024-03-26
Jonas Wetterbro 1,52 1,52 2024-03-26
Lucas Bronsman 1,45 1,45 2024-03-26
** Holdings by Modular Finance AB. Compiled and processed data from various sources, including Euroclear, Morningstar and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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*Source: Holdings by Modular Finance AB. Compiled and processed data from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

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