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Publicerat: 2023-11-21 10:10:02

Aixia Group: Aixia and Forever Living Products - Partnership for AI-powered progress

Mölndal                                                                                     2023-11-21

Aixia launches AI project to revolutionize Forever Living Products translation process and customer support

Aixia signs a cooperation agreement with Forever Living Products, the world's largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products with operations in 160 countries. Through a new AI initiative, Aixia will develop and implement advanced AI solutions to streamline and optimize Forever Living's translation processes and product support systems towards their retail chain.

Forever Living Products is taking a big step forward by replacing its current translation agency with Aixia's advanced AI module based on Azure OpenAI Translation. This system will integrate the company's "customer specific words", which are of utmost importance to preserve brand integrity and ensure accurate communication. With this solution, which will first translate and then allow users to fine-tune the material, the goal is to develop a model that meets Forever Living's strict quality requirements. This innovation is expected to dramatically reduce overall translation costs, while speeding up the process and maintaining the highest possible quality.

ChatBOT: A step forward in automated customer service

In line with other successful projects carried out by Aixia, we will adapt and develop a ChatBOT for Forever Living. This AI-powered bot will act as a support tool to streamline access to information in the company's extensive PDF database. Initially, the bottom will be used internally, with a future vision of making it available to Forever Living's Retailers (FBOs). This will free up valuable resources and save time for the company's internal teams by automating information requests and supporting FBOs with immediate and accurate information.

"Aixia's commitment to innovation and our collaboration with Forever Living Products is further proof of the power of AI technology to transform business operations". We continue our AI journey where we redefine the possibilities with AI., says Mattias Bergkvist, CEO of Aixia. "Our customized AI solutions are designed to not only reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also to improve the experience of Forever Living's customers and retailers globally."

Forever Living Products is equally optimistic about the future and the benefits that this partnership brings. Valentin Fogelberg, Digital & IT Manager Scandinavia, at Forever Living comments, "By incorporating Aixia's AI expertise into our business, we are strengthening our organization and becoming more competitive and agile for the future."


For more information, contact the Company at:

CEO Mattias Bergkvist

Telephone: 031-762 02 40

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