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Publicerat: 2021-01-27 10:37:19

OmniCar Holding AB: OmnicarService has signed agreements with a leasing company, totaling 100 cars

Estimated yearly revenue potential of SEK 330.000, up to SEK 1 million

Our sales team keeps having great momentum and traction and have signed yet another leasing company. We estimate a yearly revenue potential of SEK 10 000 per car, it is believed that we during the first year of our agreement will service 33% of the 100 cars which adds up to a sum of SEK 330.000. Potentially, the deal size could reach up to SEK 1 million if we were to service all 100 cars.

We continue with targeting leasing and rental companies and it is believed that we will see a steady stream of new companies joining our service. We have several interesting meetings lined up and we will update the market accordingly as we make progress in signing new companies to our services.

Claus T. Hansen


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