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Publicerat: 2021-04-09 17:19:30

Safe at Sea AB: Another rescue station on Iceland selects the RescueRunner system

The demand for the RescueRunner system is constantly increasing on Iceland and the station called Súlur based in Akureyri is one of them that has decided in investing in this effecient, strong and user-friendly search-and rescue craft.

We are very proud to present that yet another rescue station on Iceland is now selecting the RescueRunner as their future search-and rescue boat. Súlur is the name of the team and they are based in the very far north of Iceland in a town called Akureyri, also known as Icelands's second capital. Súlur tested the RescueRunner system already three years ago when we (Safe at Sea) visited them for a demonstration/presentation on our tour around the island. Our local distributor Svansson EHF together with another great Safe at Sea ambassador Mr Óskar Gudmundsen from a sister rescue station on Iceland, are the ones that have established the contact with Súlur and made this happen. We are very grateful to have all these great people helping us and especially to have Svansson EHF as our representative on the island. Súlur will now get a very strong, robust and flexible boat to use both in the fjord they are based by but also in the sea along their coast where they face very extreme weather conditions. We wish Súlur all the best now and we are very proud to deliver this RescueRunner to their team, says Linda Ahl, Vice President Sales-and Business Development Manager at Safe at Sea. 

The boat will be delivered in Q2 2021

Order Value: 348 000 SEK 


This disclosure contains information that Safe at Sea is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU nr 596/2014). The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person, on 09-04-2021 17:19 CET.

Linda Ahl

Vice President / Sales & Business Development Manager                                          
Phone +46 (0)763 160470                

Safe at Sea AB designs, manufactures and sells light, flexible och cost effecient Search-and Rescue SAR systems. These systems contribute to saving lives and optimizing SAR operations around the world and are likely to be the most effecient systems in the world when it comes to rescuing casualties out of the water. The systems involve personal equipment, operating methods, launch-and recovery solutions as well as training. The fundament of Safe at Seas product portfolio is the RescueRunner, SafeRunner, FireRunner and GuardRunner. The company is based in Göteborg, Sweden and listed on the Spotlight stockmarket since the 10th January 2008. 

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