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Publicerat: 2021-07-05 09:30:00

OmniCar Holding AB: KPI June update from OmniCar – Yet another record-setting month with an increase of 30% in revenue for OmniCarService

KPI milestones during June:

OmniCar is pleased to present an all-time high KPI report, with it also being the 9th consecutive all-time high KPI report since the inception of OmniCarService (OCS) back in October 2020. Our OCS guidance for the month of June in comparison to May was set at an increase of 15% in turnover, this estimation was exceeded and the month of June came in at a 30% revenue increase.

During June, most of the KPI numbers has improved compared to May:  

  • Revenue for OCS in June was up 30% compared to May.
  • Average transaction/basket size amounted to SEK 2932 per customer during June, the corresponding number in May amounted to SEK 2911.
  • During June, the number of customers, per day, per mobile workshop amounted to 4,5, the corresponding number in May amounted to 4,7.
  • Advertising cost per acquired customer amounted to SEK 457 during June, the corresponding number in May amounted to SEK 605.
  • Gross margin for the whole month of June amounted to 70%, the corresponding number in May amounted to 62%.

The revenue for July will be affected due to mandatory vacation leave for some of the company’s mechanics as required per Danish law, however the company expects that the revenue in August will increase by approx. 10% compared to the month of June.

The company’s monthly target/guidance for December 2021 including the SaaS-business is at SEK 2,1 million which translates into a SEK 25 million revenue on a rolling annual basis. During June the company reached a total revenue of SEK 1,60 million and the company is on track of hitting its target.

Claus T. Hansen


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