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Publicerat: 2024-04-19 11:28:25

Katalysen Ventures AB: Katalysen Ventures Co-Founder in Japanese

Stockholm, April 19, 2024 - Katalysen Ventures AB (publ) ("Katalysen"), known as a leading global venture developer, is proud to announce its role as co-founder in the establishment of (the "Venture"), a pioneering Japanese venture capital fund. Under the leadership of Katalysen's COO, Tobias Mathiasen, has recently achieved significant milestones in bridging the gap between Japanese early-stage innovation and international investors.

Derived from the Japanese word "shokubai" meaning "catalyst", successfully completed an extensive one-year preliminary study phase in early 2024. The venture is currently in the final stages of assembling its team and has received significant support from strategic partners, including prominent Japanese science cities, prefectural governments, and the Japan External Trade Organization's Invest Japan program. An operational partner has joined and an advisory board of Japanese innovation experts, research directors and former government officials has been established. aims to bridge the gap between Japanese innovation and international investment, providing local founders with critical support in navigating global markets. Explaining the venture's mission, Tobias Mathiasen says, "Our focus is to provide Japanese entrepreneurs with the resources, expertise and networks necessary to secure international investment. By fostering a global perspective from the seed stage, we aim to elevate Japanese startups to international prominence and valuation levels."

Underscoring the strategic importance of Japan's Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto innovation triangle, intends to establish its headquarters in this thriving hub. Tobias Mathiasen says, "The Kansai region, strategically located at the intersection of Western and Central Japan, embodies a spirit of innovation and free-thinking that is conducive to early-stage ventures. Having established strategic partnerships with key research and innovation centers, is poised to capitalize on the region's rich entrepreneurial landscape. The World Expo 2025 in Osaka adds further value to our timing."

"The European venture capital market is still recovering, and Katalysen’s financial resources are yet reserved for our home market. Despite this, Katalysen and have proven that it’s possible to achieve remarkable results if you have the right determination, passion and know-how. As co-founder, Katalysen’s contribution to is focused on our deep early-stage experience, expertise, and our global, world-class network," comments Katalysen CEO Peter Almberg. He continues, "Today, Tobias has a dual role as COO of Katalysen Ventures and co-founder of This setup has proven to work exceptionally well, and we have already seen a stream of new opportunities for Katalysen’s portfolio emerge out of this setup. Several portfolio companies are currently in discussions with Japanese investors who recognize the quality of Nordic innovation and appreciate the relative cultural proximity between the Nordics and Japan."

Tobias continues, "The Kansai region has a remarkable innovation track record, with Kyoto University alone boasting 8 Nobel Laureates, underscoring the region's reputation as a hotbed of paradigm-shifting innovation. In addition, its proximity to the Chūbu region and Aichi Prefecture, home of Toyota, Toyota's extensive network of suppliers, and the new Station Ai incubator, unlocks additional opportunities. In essence, Western and Central Japan offers a wealth of innovation prospects for investors with the time, energy and skills to identify and develop early-stage startups."

After a 12-month preliminary study phase in 2023, during which Tobias Mathiasen held hundreds of meetings in Japan with founders, investors and ecosystem stakeholders, Katalysen Ventures received a formal invitation from the Japan External Trade Organization to visit Kansai in January 2024. In February 2024, the project moved into Phase 2, which focused on assembling a Japan-based team, strategic partners, and advisors. As Phase 2 nears completion, Phase 3 will begin, focusing on securing soft commitments from investors for while finalizing administrative requirements such as incorporation and necessary licenses. Phase 4, planned for this fall, will mark the start of the formal fundraising period, with a first close planned for the end of this year.

"To be honest, the Nordic innovation ecosystem is already very well developed," concludes Tobias Mathiasen. "I see this as an opportunity to use my own experience in venture development and venture investing in a high-impact context, where more solutions to global challenges can be developed for global success. We welcome anyone interested in the intersection of early-stage innovation and Japan to reach out, connect and explore how we can join forces in this important mission."

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