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Publicerat: 2019-08-29 12:44:05

Spotlight: Market Notice 230/19 - Information regarding the rights issue from European institute of Science AB

The last day of trading in the company’s shares EURI B including the right to receive subscription rights is September 4, 2019. The first day excluding the right to obtain the rights is September 5, 2019. 

One (1) share entitles the owner to one (1) subscription right. Eight (8) subscription rights entitle the owner to subscribe for seven (7) new shares, at the price of SEK 0,50 (7:8 á SEK 0,50).   

Trading with subscription rights will take place from September 13, 2019 until September 25, 2019 on Spotlight Stock Market.   

Trading with the paid subscribed shares will take place from September 13, 2019 until the registration of the issue at Bolagsverket.   

The subscription period lasts from September 13, 2019 to September 27, 2019. 

Information about the subscription right:   

Short name: EURI TR B 
ISIN-code: SE0013108990 
Orderbook-ID: 5GPH 
First day of trading: September 13, 2019 
Last day of trading: September 25, 2019 
Market Segment: SPSE 
Tick table/liquidity band #: A (Other instruments)  

Information about the paid subscribed share:  

Shortname: EURI BTA B 
ISIN-code: SE0013109006  
Orderbook-ID: 5GPG 
Trading period: September 13, 2019 until the registration of the issue at Bolagsverket. 
Market Segment: SPSE 
MIC Code:  XSAT 
Tick table/liquidity band #: A (Other instruments)  

Please be advised that if the rights issue give rise to a conversion factor, all overnight orders in the company’s orderbook will be deleted. If so this will occur after closing on September 4, 2019. 

Stockholm August 29, 2019 

Spotlight Stock Market 
08-511 68?000  

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