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Publicerat: 2022-07-12 09:27:16

Safe at Sea AB: ElEcoRunner - the SAR boat that is environmentally friendly, fully electric and emission-free

The development of the new ElEcoRunner Zero is running according to plan - a silent sensation.

There are many advantages to an electric SAR boat, mainly that it is climate-smart but also that it is so quiet. In the future, it will be quieter in ports and around bathing areas, states Kaj Lehtovaara, who is one of the project developers at Safe at Sea.
The electrification and the collaboration with our partners is running according to plan. Critical components are expected to be available according to our planning and the subcontractors have taken an active part in the continued development. Reference tests with RescueRunner are in progress, and these tests are necessary for adaptations and verifications of ElEcoRunner's stronger engine. The company's previously communicated plan to demonstrate the new version, called the ElEcoRunner Zero Series (EZS) on August 26 this year, remains unchanged.

Several customers in Europe testify to the problems with laws and regulations that limit and also prohibit conventional combustion engines in inland waters. It is therefore with great confidence that we look forward to the coming period and to be able to show our ElEcoRunner to the many customers who demand an emission-free SAR boat.

In August, we look forward to demonstrate the ElEcoRunner system with its emission-free and environmentally friendly driveline, based on the well-proven RescueRunner design.

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Safe at Sea AB manufactures and sells a unique rescue boat, the RescueRunner, the most efficient system in the world to bring people in distress out of the water. Safe at Sea AB also is the owner of Safe at Sea Management AB. Safe at Sea AB is listed on Spotlight Stock Market.  

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