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Spotlight Stock Market was founded in 1997 with a clear, basic idea: to make being listed easier, safer and more transparent for growth companies.

Spotlight is the primary listing venue and we have listed more than 300 companies. Our commitment is to make it easier for investors to become owners of growth companies with an established business that is in or has the ambition to enter a growth phase.

Trading is conducted on Nasdaq Nordic INET platform. All major market data providers and ISVs support Spotlight data and trading.


Operating MIC is XSAT.

If you are already a Nasdaq Nordic member it is an easy path to enable trading on Spotlight. Your existing Nasdaq connectivity is used, and market data is included in Nasdaq Nordic Equity data products.

Under menu Become a trading member you will find the steps on how to become a member on Spotlight Stock Market.


Spotlight trading members

Member ID

Member name

ABC ABG Sundal Collier ASA
AIV Aktieinvest FK AB
AVA Avanza Bank AB
CAR/CAD Carnegie Investment Bank AB
DDB Danske Bank A/S
MGF Mangold Fondkommission AB
NDS/NRD Nordea Bank Abp (publ)
NON Nordnet Bank AB
PAS Pareto Securities AS
SBN SkandiaBanken AB
ENS Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
SHB Svenska Handelsbanken AB
SWB Swedbank AB


Clarification regarding Spotlight and Nasdaq relationship:

Spotlight Stock Market AB (“Spotlight”) operates a multilateral trading venue (MTF) in Sweden with authorization and license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. From February 1st, 2024, Spotlight’s MTF utilises the INET Nordic trading system. Nasdaq Stockholm AB ("Nasdaq") provides certain technical and operational services to Spotlight with regards to the INET Nordic trading system. The services provided by Nasdaq are solely based on such technical and operational services and they do not in any way imply or create agency, partnership, ownership or joint venture nor any other similar form of legal, financial or operational partnership between Spotlight and Nasdaq. Spotlight is and remains fully responsible for its customers and any regulatory or legal obligations to arising from its MTF operations.

If you have any more questions, please contact:

Technical or connectivity questions: Nasdaq Cash Equity Operations
Tel: +46 8 405 6410, E-mail:

For all other questions: Spotlight Trading Operations
Tel: +46 8 511 68 00, E-mail:

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